do not practice to practice, practice to be better

how does it happen? every time i get a step forward something or somebody comes along and ties my damn shoes together. getting ahead these days is tougher than finding river front property under 500,000 bucks. My stories continually unfold in the manner of some key elements of a good two-handed cast.
jim green once said, “do not practice to practice; practice to be better” now that may sound obvious, but when you think about it, it applies to everything. when i peel my lazy ass out of bed and decide the river is closer than i make it out to be, even on the days when the rain is running thicker than the fins, which is much more often than not here in Washington state. regardless i head out to get some practice..i never want to continue perfecting the bullshit mistakes that separate me from some of the good casters see: ed ward. get your arms closer to your body, 45 degree thrust, that d loop looks like a g loop… practice, practice, practice. i love these fish, i love these rivers, i love the pacific northwest. the practice gets me back to this, my intense love for these surroundings. i better myself a tiny bit every time i’m here, because my passion allows my devotion. now if i could turn just 1 percent of this passion for betterment on this beautiful river i love into my job or education.. well shit id probably be the president by now. no way, that guy doesnt have any real time for fish. flash forward to the next beginning when the morning comes and that old whore of a sun crashes through the blinds and skids into my whiskey or bullshit stained eyes and makes me wish my bed was in the basement of a cave, i should carry that thought as soon as im awake, happy or not, hung over or not. regardless if I take it to my work, the river, the bottle or back to the goddamn sack… preferably with a certain someone on that last one, it should stay with me. after all hooking up and bettering yourself with whatever devil is on the menu, feels damn good


One Response to “do not practice to practice, practice to be better”

  1. your insight blows my mind! I smell a future career as a fishing guide? now let’s go find my mind on the Lewis!?!

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