feeding that beast..

i picked up “julip” by jim harrison last week and one evening, half drunk attempted to digest the first few chapters. ive read a lot of books (although my grammar would make you believe otherwise) but to have a author bulldoze your guts and shake the drunk out of you speaks volumes to a guy like me..alluding to the fact that perhaps my evening activities or at least their order should be re-assessed. harrisons words hit like mallets. his ferociousness strikes like a rattlesnake and leaves you much later than the pages have been rested. he is painfully honest and brutally forthright. something lacking in most aspects of a good life.  his words rumble and will make you think harder about most things, some big and some small but regardless, you will think.  jim harrison is cooler than you or anyone you know and there is a chance that if your mother was attractive that he slept with her. get in your car and drive the bastard through the front doors of the book store and get something with his name on it. now load a .44 caliber revolver pistol and blow a hole through the middle of your plans for the next fews weeks. i say weeks and not days because i think his writing is best digested slowly. then again, what the hell do i know?


One Response to “feeding that beast..”

  1. Shannon Sorenson Says:

    Sound like a good read. After you are done with that I will let you borrow the Virgin’s Lover. Don’t worry…you can thank me later;)

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