I got high on fire…

so i bought it…yeah i know, thats a tough pill to swallow. i got into a vehicle, drove to a “record store” payed with a debit card and then slipped the circular disk into what i can only describe as the vehicles dashboard mouth. sounds ejaculated from the speakers and i drove. if you have listened or heard of “high on fire” chances are you are a successful person that is very effective at engaging the opposite sex. if you haven’t, well that is going to change after reading this (and you take a shower – with soap).  Matt pike and co. have been doing this for a while and they are good at what they do. somewhere along the line they have developed a fairly diversified fanbase – dudes that wake up in leather jackets sleeping on the steps of churches already 5 drags into a lucky strike to the dudes waking up in indoor hammocks or walking rabbits on leashes in sweaters. whatever. i don’t give a shit who you hate more. regardless high on fires tentacles are long and heavy.  this album is a step backwards in production from 2007’s ‘death is this communion’ (one of the best albums of that year) the sound on ‘snakes for the divine’ is dry and combined with pike’s broken glass in the throat vocals make for a certain sound that may take some time to digest. the title track definitely sets the bar high for the rest of the album, which is solid. if on one album you have two songs titled “bastard samurai” and “frost hammer”  their is a good chance your gonna get your ears kicked in.  While their albums imagery and song content are there high on fire aren’t going to come out onto the stage wearing lions manes holding swords or wearing spikes covered in lambs blood. thats not their deal. they dig badass shit like that because badass shit is badass- not because they assume the mystical forces of the albums cover will form a paradox in the sky and they will connect with their ancestors on a astral plane of fucking enlightenment. what they do is burn stages to the ground and make every “heavy” band within a hundred miles turn to stone. prepare your fingers for bruising injuries related to steering wheel snare drum attacks.  Go buy the album and get ready for them to headline the album support tour starting this sunday and maybe ill see a couple of you cowards may 5th at Dantes.


2 Responses to “I got high on fire…”

  1. dark wader Says:

    Someday soon I feel our paths will cross
    prepare your tales
    and have your auto-mouth filled
    with lungs of blood and whiskey

    on a shore or at the show
    the powers will join and become stronger
    or collide and level everything

    we are the Metal Gilled

    we cover this same land

    and our word are home here as well

    (wordpress “metalgilled”)

    The words are strong with this one!

  2. leather jackets can really make you look good, they also make you feel warm and comfortable ‘`*

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