Maupin up the summer

my brain fell off this morning and if it wasnt for the blackberry i wouldnt have remembered daylight savings.  anyways it got me thinking spring is here, summer comes next and last summer was a pretty damn good one. We had some good times over in maupin last year. salmon fly hatch was as killer as the rattlesnakes. learned alot, drank alot and ate nothing but meat and apples for about two weeks.  glad that every picture except this one that ben “the hammer” tarbutton took got erased or lost. oh well, one picture can sum up a summers worth of memories.


3 Responses to “Maupin up the summer”

  1. The Hammer Says:

    That was a pretty decent trip. We are going to walkabout some those Alpine Lakes in Mt Hood National Forest this year for some wicked camping. Shitting up against trees!

  2. By the looks of the pic, you farted and are in the process of “airing out”. Plus being hunched over the bed tells me that it was good enough to make you puke your insides up!!!

  3. dark wader Says:

    the Metal Gilled are headed to the Deschutes for a Sunday wetting party~
    Head out Sat to catch the afternoon March Brown hatch and then try to peel our faces off the ground early for some sunday action…. if youre in the region, shout at us.
    “Good Luck Good Speed” weedeater

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