A “reel” predicament

Well shoot me to shit, its that time of year- you know what i’m talking about, the weather is great, girls break out those wonderful sun dresses, fish will for some strange reason, move to flies and somehow the beer gets colder this time of year- and in turn, guys like me miss winter. there was a picture on the arch bishop’s aka Buster’s the other day that conveyed it perfectly. i need (want) another winter steel reel, something different to look at -even if it will most likely be in whoever my fishing buddy is that day’s hands.

seen a few that tripped some triggers- ain’t breakin no bank, but don’t want no skank


2 Responses to “A “reel” predicament”

  1. I have both of those reels, a late 80s #2 Salmon and a fresh Meiser 7/9. Both sweet reels, but very different. The Meiser is reminiscent of a top notch saltwater reel, with Type III anodiziation that is nearly bombproof, smooth and quiet drag and large arbor. You remove the spool by unscrewing that outward facing knob to a “loose” setting, with no need to screw it all the way off and expose or lose the inner parts to change spools. Again, the drag is quiet on this reel, for better or worse. It has a palmable rim and full frame, which is rare in comparable saltwater reels; no worries about the backing or running line exiting the reel unexpectedly. Other reels to look at similar to these would be the Ross CLA or TFO Large Arbor in this same price range.

    The Marquis is a classic staple; loud clicker, good looks but it isn’t nearly the reel you get with the Meiser for less money. For other reels in this same vain look at other classics on Ebay from Hardy, JW Young, Farlow’s, Dingley, etc; with the exclusion of the Hardy’s you can buy all of these in good shape and somewhat cheaply.

    • Thank you very much for the info on those reels. Meiser will be mine! Now I’m contemplating a cla for a backup reel on my 7wt switch so I can see first hand which I prefer..after all, it’s just money, right?

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