Blaaaack brrrrreath pt .2

Jesus. I already wrote this post out once through the magic of the iPhone, reeling through same said magic it disappeared. anyways the new Black Breath album is killer. “heavy breathing” is 9 tracks of excellent converge meets motörhead- I think in my original draft I said something along the lines of ‘jane doe riding the orgasmatron into a pile of leather jackets’ or something. But i was much more eloquent, sober and just generally gave more shitedness. Released on Southern lord records in march, go plunk down some cash for It, buy the vinyl so your friends will think your cooler, even though you know that piece of shit goodwill record player wont do it justice. Don’t illegally download it or you’ll get sick or one of the drift boat oars will come up missing. Trust me. The saying goes “don’t piss where you sleep” and black breath will sleep with you just to get to your sister. That makes no sense, but I’m just saying and it’s staying.


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