Birthday day

Spent the morning watching the sunrise on the local river. Super magical. I had my headphones in and while I blasted double speys I blasted judas priest’s painkiller album. Which is hands down, one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. Sure my casts were as straight as rob halford and I didn’t hook up with any “British steel” but it was a good day. Birthday parties looming, family obligations and a onslaught of back pains- all got sent out to the quiet seam on the far side of the river. 3/4 through the tailout as I mended line while standing in water up to my guts, I felt something brush against my side. This “thing” I knew was very alive. I, in a startled panic (“startled” is a man’s word for “fucking terrified”) looked over while at the same time grabbing at this obviously bloodthirsty creature of unknown origin- rabies infested river otter? Perhaps a starving Aquatic mountain lion? Not quite. Instead it was 30 pounds of English fury. The goddamn pointer puppy had swam out to the middle of the river to check on me. Thanks, Hank- won’t forget that one. After that I took it as a sign to move. Along the trail I ran into a couple of hygienically and socially challenged fellas from parts unknown. After two minutes of their racially charged ignorance they inquired what the smaller salmon were in the river. I calmly informed them they were a species smaller than the king salmon- known in educated circles as “prince salmon” and that if they were to have any luck, they had to donate to a local conservation group and ask for “tips and tricks from the pros”. That will get ’em started.


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