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Burkheimer 7134

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A week from today I have my calendar filled with the words “River day with Dec” and I wanted to have this cannon with me. Big thanks to Chris from Burkheimer for dialing me in. If you want something made, bring a half gallon of Captain Morgans and talk it over. His work speaks for itself and the dude knows a thing or two about rod action. This 7134 is jet black, blacker than the blackest black times infinity. blackened nickle reel hardware, blackened nickle line guides and a spalted maple reel seat and some of the finest cork this side of a whiskey bottle’s prison door.. ridiculous. A bit off topic, I sometimes get the responses when I show it to someone or say something about them on the internet, the responses range from “it should be able to cast itself for that price” to “beautiful rod, I’d be afraid to walk it through the woods”. So check it out, These aren’t rods for everyone (although if everyone had an hour to cast one, that would probably change) they are expensive and they are heirloom quality. The fact is, steelhead fishing isn’t the most breakneck sport in the world, the lulls are often, which makes the highs that much higher but when you are spending so much time casting and watching the goddamn birds fly, it’s nice to look down and see that real heart and soul was put into something like this. Pride of ownership plays a role, we are a passionate group. Besides the fact that they are, in my opinion one of the nicest rods to fish and cast.

Cast a 480 scandi on it today- pretty silky.






High on fire’s worm mysteries.

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Kiss your eardrums goodbye.
Full review to follow….

The wretch

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Real American fucking doom. By far this is the band’s best and most prolific album to date. Filled with songs made for crashing horses and swords to. One night this winter, I poured myself what was planned to be a single whiskey and set into motion a chain of events that were a direct result of this album’s immense stature. Listen with caution….