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It’s on

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Designed to throw lead lines and roosters a country fucking mile.



High as the skies

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Sun is here, clouds said their goodbyes and left. The earth roars, new day. awareness raised, instincts heightened. The sense of it all. How strange that when your eyes are opened, sleeping becomes simple. These days, should not be taken lightly, I gravitate toward realization. Her eyes show like candles on my old road, her breath pushes life into mine. the touch, electric yet as grounded as the earth.

holy god… christmas is here

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old boy

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good morning? goodnight? since i was young enough to remember i have never felt complete- perhaps a bit condescending but the truth lies here like a rug. I, even as a young boy have lived with a certain level of guilt-for what i know not but again, the rug fills the room. i have always thought of myself as a bit of a sociable introvert, if such a thing is, i am.  “worry wort” as my beautiful grandmother used to say and a solidified prick under the right lights.  i revel in the thought of my friends laughing about things said and the fury of half witted whole hearted stupidity that i may bring. the plight of mans current interests never really brought any of my blood to the surface, as i type on a laptop computer and check the time on my blackberry… i waver in my thoughts and i digress, my worrying has at one time or another had a stranglehold on my thoughts. i have always felt tied down to something and i drag, whether it be my heart, brain or my feet. my idealistic life would be…unknown. A thought that brings a real fear to my chest and a rush of time’s realness to head. Perhaps some lives weren’t destined to be decided in a class room or upon the puppy love of another. regardless the thought that the story of my life in words is being written nanoseconds before i make my next fumbling judgment is frightening yet endearing. I have acquaintances that were wed moments after their eligibility to legally purchase nicotine came and some who i think the nicotine may take into the ground before they truly hold the hand of another. lives lived, who am i to judge. the young boy so full of plans for life that were smashed against the dashboard courtesy of a inebriated driver heading the opposite way to the near ancient man employing his standing death bed full time after a life of broken promises and bottles. a young girl looking for acceptance giving in and mothering multiple children out of bodily pleasures to the only sister of eleven to never find love. so many people, so many different people.  there in lies the cruel beauty of life, being in the fact that nothing is promised, little given, so much taken.  I don’t request answers for what i will do in a decade, only the hope that i will be…full. full of life, full of love,  full of..fucking dinner. To pry is to push while not pushing is remaining stagnant. fill your glass and open your eyes, no reason to worry. we balance on the hands of a clock that runs on borrowed time. hope like hell while wishing for heaven.

Oh shit…

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Bradley and a team of graduate students spent 500 hours injecting 20,000 rainbow trout eggs with various DNA types designed to inhibit myostatin. Of the eggs that hatched, 300 carried the gene that led to increased muscle growth. After two years, most exhibited a “six-pack ab” effect, even though fish lack standard abdominal muscles. They also have increased musculature throughout, including a prominent dorsal hump that made them look like they had muscular shoulders.

The first generation of transgenic trout were subsequently spawned, and offspring carrying the gene in all of their muscle cells have been produced. Studies are under way to determine if the fish grow at a faster rate as well.

“Our findings are quite stunning,” said Bradley, who also studies salmon, flounder and tuna. “The results have significant implications for commercial aquaculture and provide completely novel information on the mechanisms of fish growth. The results also allow for comparisons between the mechanisms of growth of muscle in mammals versus fish, and it could shed light on muscle wasting diseases in humans.”

Ok so there are a few things going on here…first off wouldn’t it be great if we all could catch a dozen 20 pound trout every day? uuhh fuck no. i dont plan on buying steel leaders and another 11 weight broom handle and carrying the bastard down to some fucked man made creek or pond or active volcano or wherever the hell you put those things in. i dont really think jesus is gonna show up tomorrow ready to drop the hammer on earth because we fucked with trout (genetic modification regarding fish has been around for oh gee like 40 goddamn years) but i know that when these finned battering rams run out of cigarettes in the farms they are raised in and they decide “that cement wall is just cement” then all they have to do is decide whether it will be easier going over it or through it. Not that their impact on native fish or habitat would be negative in ANY way… they would replace spawning beds with weight rooms and whore houses. I suppose you could see a reason for all this boiler room fish-meth lab crap for the contributing factors regarding the treatment and cures for muscle related diseases but…I…just..uhh. ok dude is obviously planning on building a army of gorilla trout to take over the ocean and then the world. kiss your wives and children and begin the boycott of fish as a whole. first and most effective step will be to stay off the river. step 2. donate every dollar you have to good conservation groups (there actually are one or two of them). step 3 send all your rods, reels, flies and whiskey while we are at it to me and ill make sure we get this shit figured out. you know, for the betterment of the species.