Badass knife stuff.

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Old shit is good shit

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You gottsta check this out. Best of the best, seriously.


High on fire’s worm mysteries.

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Kiss your eardrums goodbye.
Full review to follow….

Native Fish Society

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Saturday night was the Native Fish Society’s annual banquet dinner. Big ups to Tom Derry and co. Who just might be the coolest people on the planet. Incredible things were auctioned off, some of my favorites of the night included-
A super sexy week long trip to the Babine during peak, a trip to Bob & Kathy Clay’s place along the Kispiox, a couple trips to Patagonia, Jeff Hickman donating 8 guided trips mid-bid and a day trip with the worlds nicest guy and northwest bled writer, John Larison. My table, the one I was graciously assigned, sat me amongst the company of Mr.& Mrs.
Kerry Burkheimer, Nate Koenigsknecht accompanied by his beautiful other half, and one John Larison. Neither he nor I were bogged down with the unbearable burden of having our respective significant others to accompany us, so we were free to drink and carouse to excess. Truth be told, we didn’t drink any more than anyone else, most likely less than most. I contemplated challenging T.R. to a arm wrestling competition, but I balked after seeing his framer’s forearm. I’m coming for you next year, Rajeff. In all honesty, the Native Fish Society is the best of the best. They get things done and they do them the right way. These days, I find it difficult to align with many organizations, outside of Patagonia, for their Common Waters initiative. Plus, if you join Native fish society before the end of the month, you get a double dose of devastatingly effective steelhead mojo. Which by the way, is more effective than that 15′ chunk of t17 and 8 foot leader you strapped on to the 6126, shithead.



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Fight the light

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The extra hour of daylight has been a gift from above. It is impossible for me to outrun my work in the morning, so the fact that I have time to run from work and at least make it to the lake is nice. Today, the 13th of march, as I worked the double Spey, crackheads swam and Mosquitos flew. 48 degrees. The year is off to one hell of a start.


The wretch

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Real American fucking doom. By far this is the band’s best and most prolific album to date. Filled with songs made for crashing horses and swords to. One night this winter, I poured myself what was planned to be a single whiskey and set into motion a chain of events that were a direct result of this album’s immense stature. Listen with caution….